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IM.git Scripts to get or set instant... Oleg Broytman 5 weeks ago
audio-cdr-video.git Audio, CD/DVD-RW, video tools Oleg Broytman 10 months ago
bookmarks_db.git Bookmarks database and Interne... Oleg Broytman 5 days ago
cookiecutter.git Cookiecutter - template for... Oleg Broytman 3 weeks ago
dotfiles.git My dotfiles (public versions) Oleg Broytman 4 days ago
extfs.d.git Virtual FileSystems for Midnig... Oleg Broytman 3 months ago
git-scripts.git Small git scripts Oleg Broytman 13 days ago
m_lib.git Broytman Library for Python Oleg Broytman 8 weeks ago
m_librarian.git Broytman Librarian for LibRusE... Oleg Broytman 3 days ago
mimedecode.git A program to decode MIME messages. Oleg Broytman 4 weeks ago
pep-103.git git Informational PEP Oleg Broytman 6 weeks ago CGI-BIN scripts for http:... Oleg Broytman 2 weeks ago Scripts I use to manage phdru... Oleg Broytman 3 months ago
sqlconvert.git Convert MySQL to standard... Oleg Broytman 3 weeks ago
xsetbg.git Change XWindows background... Oleg Broytman 3 days ago