27 hours ago Oleg Fix `gmplayer` master
27 hours ago Oleg Replace `qpdfview`, use `evince` to view PDFs
27 hours ago Oleg Add louder mpv menu item
5 days ago Oleg Broytman.muttrc: Add macro `V` to view html attachment in a...
5 days ago Oleg Broytmanwebstdin: Redirect stdin from `/dev/tty`
8 days ago Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Switch to the screen where `gxmessage` is...
8 days ago Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Do not open local terminal for ``
10 days ago Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Use `REMOTE_SCREEN` directly
10 days ago Oleg BroytmanRevert ".Xmodmap: Improve mapping of Shift (or NumLock...
10 days ago Oleg BroytmanRevert ".profile: Start `screen` on interactive login...
10 days ago Oleg Broytman.fvwm: Publish my real `main.m4`
12 days ago Oleg Broytman.profile: Run `/usr/bin/screen` directly
12 days ago Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Increase X11 font size
12 days ago Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Improve GUI type detection
12 days ago Oleg Broytman.muttrc: Comment out `KP_Enter` mapping
2020-05-21 Oleg Broytman.Xmodmap: Improve mapping of Shift (or NumLock) + keypa...
2020-05-21 Oleg BroytmanFeat(.fvwmrc): Open iconic Firefox window back
2020-05-20 Oleg Broytman.screenrc: Map additional keypad keys
2020-05-20 Oleg Broytman.screenrc: Fix keypad key names in comments
2020-05-14 Oleg Broytman.screenrc: Change hardstatus colors
2020-05-14 Oleg Broytman.bash_prompt: Fix a bug in syntax
2020-05-14 Oleg Broytmanbash: Make `PS1` shorter and simpler
2020-05-14 Oleg Broytman.profile: Add `>` as a prompt character for non-bash...
2020-05-14 Oleg Broytman.profile: Remove unused `PROMPT_DIRTRIM`, `\W` is enough
2020-05-13 Oleg BroytmanUpdate .mc/ini
2020-05-13 Oleg Broytman.profile: Extend checks for interactive mode
2020-05-12 Oleg Broytman.profile: Start `screen` on interactive login shell
2020-05-12 Oleg Broytman.profile: Check error code of `which`, not output
2020-05-11 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Add the current directory for `mc`
2020-05-11 Oleg Broytmanbash: Append `$SHLVL` number of `\$` to `$PS1`
2020-05-10 Oleg Broytman.muttrc: Add macro to map `KP_Enter` -> `Enter`
2020-05-10 Oleg Broytman.muttrc: Remove job-related macros from public
2020-05-01 Oleg Run `mplayer` with preset audio volume
2020-05-01 Oleg Broytman.mailcap: Remove outdated `smplayer` and `mediaplayer_open`
2020-04-30 Oleg BroytmanRefactor(.fvwmrc): Refactor `ssh -4` in a separate...
2020-04-26 Oleg BroytmanFeat(.fvwmrc): Do not open iconic Firefox window
2020-04-26 Oleg BroytmanFeat(.fvwmrc): Do not start IM controller terminal
2020-04-26 Oleg BroytmanFix(.xinitrc): Fix vertical scrolling with touchpad
2020-04-25 Oleg BroytmanFix(.mc/menu): `mplayer` (actually `mpv`)
2020-04-25 Oleg BroytmanFeat(.mc/menu): Edit PDFs with `LibreOffice`
2020-04-25 Oleg BroytmanFeat(.mc/mc.ext): Switch to `audacious`
2020-04-24 Oleg BroytmanFeat(cgmem_nice): More memory containers were added
2020-04-11 Oleg Broytman.screenrc: Remap keypad
2020-04-10 Oleg Recode input filename
2020-04-10 Oleg Switch from `deadbeef` back to `audacious...
2020-04-10 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Switch to the 1st virtual screen, top-left...
2020-04-09 Oleg Broytman.xinitrc: Run `xmodmap`
2020-04-09 Oleg Broytman.Xmodmap: Map keypad keys
2020-04-09 Oleg Broytman.Xmodmap: Add more examples
2020-04-09 Oleg Broytman.Xmodmap: Refactor
2020-04-08 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Start PulseAudio on start and resume
2020-04-08 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Return to `audacious` and `audtool`
2020-04-08 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Do not return to (absent) root terminal
2020-04-08 Oleg Broytman.muttrc: Map keypad keys to arrows
2020-04-08 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Map keypad keys to arrows
2020-04-06 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Set `visualbell` and `belloff`
2020-04-06 Oleg Broytman.xinitrc: Start/stop PulseAudio
2020-04-06 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Start PulseAudio
2020-04-06 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Do not start root terminal
2020-04-06 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Change big terminal size
2020-04-05 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Minor refactoring
2020-04-05 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Remove excessive `redraw`
2020-04-05 Oleg Broytman.profile: Add `~/.local/bin` to `PATH`
2020-04-05 Oleg Broytman.vim/python/ Remove deprecated universal...
2020-03-27 Oleg Broytman.xinitrc: calculate geometry for `xclock`
2020-03-10 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Check if file `bash_completion` exists
2020-03-05 Oleg BroytmanFix( Do not intercept EOF in `myinput`
2020-02-02 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Use `empty()` instead of `len`/`strlen`
2020-02-02 Oleg BroytmanFeat(python/ Add more dark terminals
2020-02-02 Oleg BroytmanFix(python/ Do not use `ColoredFile` at unreco...
2020-01-30 Oleg Test symlinks
2020-01-27 Oleg Broytman.psqlrc: Stop processing after an error
2020-01-26 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Fix: expand to the full path for proper comparison
2020-01-16 Oleg Broytman.plan: Add Skype
2020-01-16 Oleg Broytman.plan: Add Viber, WhatsApp
2020-01-16 Oleg Broytman.plan: Removed Jabber JID
2019-12-24 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Use `.` instead of bashism `source`
2019-12-19 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Fix `lazyredraw`
2019-11-29 Oleg View (Open)Docs with `libreoffice --cat`
2019-11-27 Oleg Verify signature from `*.gpg` files
2019-11-18 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Change GUI cursor shape in different modes
2019-11-09 Oleg BroytmanAdapt Python scripts to Python 3
2019-11-05 Oleg Broytmanbin/cgmem_nice: Change `nice` parameter
2019-11-05 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Fix `cdremote`
2019-11-05 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Add comment
2019-10-26 Oleg Broytman.bash_completion: Add completion for `cgmem_nice`
2019-10-21 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Add more dark terminals
2019-09-27 Oleg Fix XML type
2019-09-26 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Remove excessive semicolons
2019-09-26 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Remove unused variable
2019-09-26 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Fold long line
2019-09-21 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Avoid excessive spaces on completion
2019-09-21 Oleg BroytmanAdd script `wget-download`
2019-08-27 Oleg Change default mode for opening files in...
2019-08-18 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Fix `cdremote`: Skip branch without upstream
2019-08-18 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Comment out alias `git git`
2019-08-16 Oleg BroytmanStyle: Remove extra spaces
2019-08-15 Oleg BroytmanFeat(.shellrc): Allow `file:/` URLs for `cdgitpath...
2019-08-15 Oleg BroytmanRefactor(.shellrc): Remove `_cdgitpath_completion_loader`
2019-08-15 Oleg BroytmanRefactor: Use `$#` to check parameters