lxml.etree-based implementation shows namespaces
[extfs.d.git] / xml
2013-11-19 Oleg Broytmanlxml.etree-based implementation shows namespaces
2013-11-19 Oleg BroytmanAdd lxml.etree-based implementation
2013-11-19 Oleg BroytmanAdd ElementTree-based implementation
2013-11-18 Oleg BroytmanRename xml -> xml-minidom, create symlink xml
2013-11-16 Oleg Broytman$HOME/[.local/share/].mc/extfs.d
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanAdd a paragraph why it's useful
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanCollect text and comments
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanIn MC 4.7+ the format of the cd command was changed
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanXML VFS 0.2 - show attributes as a text file
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanXML VFS version 0.1 - show tags as directories