2005-01-01 Oleg BroytmanIgnore my Siemens-S55 obexftp transport file and obexft...
2005-01-01 Oleg BroytmanGet preferred charset from the current locale and encod...
2004-10-03 Oleg BroytmanSome errors are critical errors.
2004-10-03 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.2.1 (2004-10-03). Put error logfile in the...
2004-09-25 Oleg BroytmanFixed a major bug with blocked read from a pipe. Now...
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanAdded date.
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanCatched and logged errors and exceptions.
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanChanged alignment.
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanPython 2.3+.
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanImport logging requires python 2.3+.
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanANNOUNCE file.
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.1.0. Log errors and exceptions to file.
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.0.2. More comments.
2004-06-23 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.0.1. Fixed a bug - base_name have been change...
2004-06-19 Oleg BroytmanChnaged the example of the tty device.
2004-06-19 Oleg BroytmanChanged the order of comments.
2004-06-19 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.0.0. Fixed the name of SieFS. Comments.
2004-06-16 Oleg BroytmanVersion 0.5.2. More documentation and messages.
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanVersion 0.5.1. More comments. Do not need a temp dir...
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanVersion 0.5.0. Removed debug output. Transport file...
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanVersion 0.4.0. rm, mkdir, rmdir. A lot of bugfixes...
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanChanged "Copied" to "Copy".
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.0.1. Open all files in append mode.
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanCopyIn (put a file into a directory in the phone's...
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanTemporary directory. CopyOut (get a file from the phone).
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanWrote more comments. Added URLs for all required packages.
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanObexFTP VFS for Midnight Commander. Manipulate a cell...
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.0. rm, mkdir, rmdir.
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanVersion 0.3.0. Copyin.
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanVersion 0.2.0. Copyout.
2004-06-13 Oleg BroytmanVersion 0.1.2. Subdirectory.
2004-06-12 Oleg BroytmanVersion 0.1.1. Use log_error().
2004-06-12 Oleg BroytmanVersion 0.1.0. Emit a longer error message.
2004-06-12 Oleg BroytmanDummy VFS for Midnight Commander. Just for a test.
2004-06-12 Oleg BroytmanNew repository initialized by cvs2svn.