16 hours ago Oleg Broytman.vim: Add `ftplugin/sshconfig.vim` master
43 hours ago Oleg Broytman.vim: Add `ConflictMarkersSearch()`
4 days ago Oleg BroytmanFeat(.mc/menu): Put random playlist in `/tmp/`
5 days ago Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Run `/bin/rm` instead of just `rm`
2022-11-17 Oleg Broytman.vim: Remove a personal mapping
2022-11-16 Oleg Broytman.vim: `RemoveTrailingSpaces()`
2022-11-16 Oleg Broytman.vim: `SqueezeEmptyLines()`
2022-10-28 Oleg BroytmanFeat: On exit from `vim` do `cd` to its last working...
2022-10-27 Oleg BroytmanFix deprecated open mode `rU` -> `r`
2022-10-25 Oleg Broytman.bashrc: Add Python/pip 3.11
2022-10-16 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Fix URLs
2022-10-09 Oleg Broytman.profile: unset `MAILCHECK` under `screen`
2022-10-09 Oleg Broytman.profile: HISTIGNORE `cd`
2022-10-08 Oleg Broytman.bashrc: Remove overlooked unused `$PY_VER`
2022-10-08 Oleg Broytman.bashrc: Fix variable name spelling
2022-10-08 Oleg Broytman.bashrc: Sort shopts alphabetically
2022-10-08 Oleg Broytman.bashrc: `unset HISTFILE` if it was unset before
2022-10-08 Oleg Broytman.bashrc: Indent 4 spaces
2022-10-02 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Increase big terminal size
2022-10-02 Oleg Broytman.profile: Extend `$HISTIGNORE`
2022-09-29 Oleg Fix calling PDF viewer
2022-09-29 Oleg Verify detached signature
2022-09-29 Oleg Fix path
2022-09-29 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Add protocol changers and fixers
2022-09-15 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Allow `git archive --format=tar.bz2` and...
2022-09-15 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Default remote is `origin`
2022-09-15 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Remove Opera
2022-09-15 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Start `chromium` on a specific desktop
2022-09-11 Oleg Broytman.bashrc: Save/restore history before/after X
2022-09-10 Oleg Broytman.bashrc: Refactoring
2022-09-10 Oleg Broytman.bashrc: No need to test for `$BASH_VERSION`
2022-09-10 Oleg Broytmanshell: Fix indent (3 spaces -> 4)
2022-09-06 Oleg Broytman.profile: Add `$SCREENDIR`
2022-09-06 Oleg Broytman.profile: Move motd closer to the beginning
2022-09-03 Oleg Broytman.screenrc: Use `caption` instead of `hardstatus`
2022-08-24 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: `xscreensaver`: Suspend screen
2022-08-22 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Do not reset `PS1`
2022-08-22 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Use `PS1+=` to avoid overriding `PS1`
2022-08-22 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Add function `last_cmd_status`
2022-08-22 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Rename `set_prompts` -> `set_prompt`
2022-08-16 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Rename `Term2Hosts` -> `Term2HostsHome`
2022-08-09 Oleg Broytmanbin/l: preserve the terminal content
2022-06-22 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Remove ``
2022-06-22 Oleg BroytmanI'm no longer working at NRSC
2022-05-14 Oleg Broytmanhtml.vim: Remove `</meta>`
2022-05-01 Oleg BroytmanFix(bin): Fix `KillAll`: `return` -> `exit`
2022-04-18 Oleg Broytman.procmailrc: Catch mail from GHActions for Cheetah
2022-04-09 Oleg Broytman.vim: Use `programming_lang.vim` in `python.vim`
2022-04-05 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Reorder buttons
2022-04-02 Oleg BroytmanRefactor(.vim/ftplugin): Settings common to all program...
2022-04-02 Oleg Broytman.vim: Add `ftplugin/javascript.vim`
2022-03-28 Oleg Broytman.vim: Feat(ftplugin/python): Avoid double indent
2022-02-27 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Improve terminal/ssh menus
2022-02-27 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Quote macro definitions
2022-02-27 Oleg BroytmanFix(.fvwmrc): Restore quotes
2022-02-25 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Give more memory to `skype`
2022-02-24 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: remove more empty lines
2022-02-19 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Improve buttons
2022-02-19 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Fix quoting
2022-02-19 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Combine terminal macros into `Term3Hosts`
2022-02-19 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Remove unused functions `*-Big`
2022-02-19 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Remove unused function `AudioPlayer`
2022-02-19 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Move `SSH` into `SSH_SCREEN_*` macros
2022-02-19 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Remove empty lines
2022-02-10 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Pass `$TZ` from the local host
2022-02-10 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Shorten titles to decrease buttons' size
2022-02-10 Oleg BroytmanFix(.fvwmrc): Fix macro in a comment
2022-02-10 Oleg BroytmanRefactor(.fvwmrc): Refactor macros for big terminals
2022-02-10 Oleg BroytmanRefactor(.fvwmrc): Combine term+ssh+screen macros
2022-02-09 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Rename terminal macros
2022-02-09 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Remove unused font definitions
2022-02-08 Oleg Broytmanwebbrowser: Allow to open a new window/tab without...
2022-02-06 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Mark remote hosts with `screen`
2022-01-03 Oleg `*.inpx` are zip files
2022-01-03 Oleg Refactor opening/viewing zip files
2022-01-03 Oleg Make loud the default instead of louder
2022-01-03 Oleg Add quiet mplayer menu item
2021-12-17 Oleg Broytmanbash_prompt: Run `ls-files` from the root of the repo
2021-12-07 Oleg Broytman.bashrc: Delegate python completion for python3.10
2021-12-01 Oleg Broytmanmc.ext: View Python packages
2021-11-10 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Refactor merge/pull-request aliases
2021-10-15 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Default branch is `master`
2021-10-13 Oleg Broytmanbash_prompt: Change `screen`/`tmux` titles
2021-10-06 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: `deadbeef` requires more memory
2021-10-06 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Place `deadbeef` at the bottom right
2021-10-03 Oleg Broytman`bin/r`: Remove option `-4` from `rsync`
2021-10-01 Oleg BroytmanAdd `cgmn` as a symlink to `cgmem_nice`
2021-10-01 Oleg Broytman`ssh`: Remove option `-4`
2021-09-30 Oleg BroytmanSwitch from `audacious` to `deadbeef`
2021-09-29 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Enlarge fonts for Qt-based `audacious`
2021-08-30 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Remove dead code
2021-08-08 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Add a menu to open a terminal with SSH with...
2021-08-01 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Run Firefox with a fixed profile
2021-07-07 Oleg Broytman.profile: Adapt to newer `pyenv`
2021-07-01 Oleg Treat `*.m3u8` as playlists
2021-06-10 Oleg View pdf with `qpdfview`
2021-06-03 Oleg BroytmanFeat(bash_prompt): Show current time
2021-06-03 Oleg Broytman.fvwm: Switch desktop
2021-05-27 Oleg Broytman.screenrc: Fix and improve comments
2021-05-26 Oleg Broytman.bashrc: Set `LANG=C` in non-interactive non-login...