6 days ago Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Fix `cdremote`: Skip branch without upstream master
6 days ago Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Comment out alias `git git`
9 days ago Oleg BroytmanStyle: Remove extra spaces
9 days ago Oleg BroytmanFeat(.shellrc): Allow `file:/` URLs for `cdgitpath...
9 days ago Oleg BroytmanRefactor(.shellrc): Remove `_cdgitpath_completion_loader`
9 days ago Oleg BroytmanRefactor: Use `$#` to check parameters
9 days ago Oleg BroytmanFix(git-open): Replace `git@` in URL with `https://`
2019-08-09 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Fix the list of remotes
2019-08-05 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Report error if no directory found for the...
2019-08-05 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Refactor `cdremote`: Use `_list_remotes`
2019-08-05 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Improve array processing
2019-08-05 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Improve `cdremote`
2019-08-04 Oleg BroytmanFix(webbrowser-encode-url): Import forgotten `GetoptError`
2019-07-19 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Automatically run `mkspell` when saving spell...
2019-07-19 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Fix: `t_SR` is a latest addition
2019-07-18 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Change cursor shape under GNU `screen`
2019-07-18 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Restore `WrapForTmux`
2019-07-18 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Change xterm cursor shape in different modes
2019-07-18 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Improved bracketed paste mode
2019-07-18 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Minor refactoring: reorder options
2019-07-16 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Process `~/.bash_completion.d`
2019-06-10 Oleg Broytman.pdbrc: Adapt to Python 3
2019-06-10 Oleg Broytmanpdb: Improve completion
2019-06-05 Oleg Broytman.xinitrc: Switch keyboard layout on both Shifts
2019-06-04 Oleg BroytmanRevert ".vimrc: Set universal encoding for .viminfo"
2019-05-22 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Comment out `SetViminfoEncoding`
2019-05-16 Oleg Broytman.vim/plugin/tmpwatch.vim: echo -> echoerr
2019-05-16 Oleg Broytman.muttrc: Change keys: Ctrl+A and Shift+A.
2019-05-16 Oleg Broytman.vim/filetype.vim: For `stackoverflow` exec `Code`
2019-05-16 Oleg Broytman.vim/filetype.vim: Add autocmd for `textern`
2019-05-16 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Add functions `Code`/`Text`
2019-05-16 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Fix `SetExecutableBit`: Remove autocmd `FileCha...
2019-05-09 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Set universal encoding for .viminfo
2019-05-09 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Refactor `viminfo` settings
2019-05-07 Oleg Broytman.fvwm: Do not start `term-im-remote`
2019-05-06 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Set mouse only if mouse support is available
2019-05-05 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Set flag `c` in `viminfo` in function `SlowTerm`
2019-04-23 Oleg Hide errors during `.write_history_file()`
2019-04-22 Oleg Read and save history from/to the current...
2019-04-22 Oleg Fix flake8 warnings
2019-04-18 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Redirect ->
2019-04-14 Oleg Use (g)mplay scripts
2019-04-14 Oleg BroytmanPlay video file(s) asking audio volume
2019-04-14 Oleg Broytmanbin/mplay: Adapt from mplayer to mpv
2019-04-14 Oleg Change wording
2019-04-14 Oleg Use selected (`%s`) instead of tagged (`...
2019-03-31 Oleg Broytmanbin/recode-inplace: Use `mktemp` instead of `python...
2019-03-19 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Stop using `git://` protocol at Github
2019-03-12 Oleg View WebP image
2019-03-09 Oleg Broytman.vim/plugin/tmpwatch.vim: Do not remove file from the...
2019-03-05 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Add completion for `rsync_cgmn` and `rsync_cg...
2019-02-22 Oleg Broytman.procmailrc: Add generateds-users mailing list
2019-02-21 Oleg Broytman.muttrc, .procmailrc: Add egenix-users mailing list
2019-02-12 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Change default remote for pull-requests
2019-02-12 Oleg Merge libreoffice menu items into one
2019-01-30 Oleg Broytman.bash_logout, .shellrc: Deactivate virtual environment...
2018-12-27 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Use --autostash
2018-12-24 Oleg Broytman.fvwm/main.m4: Put utf-8 terms at the bottom left corner
2018-12-11 Oleg Broytman.screenrc: Remove ti/te and run screen wrapped with...
2018-12-11 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Add aliases for fetching/cleaning pull...
2018-12-11 Oleg Broytman.screenrc: Use the alternate screen of the xterm-like...
2018-12-11 Oleg Broytman.screenrc: Change and reorder terminal types
2018-11-16 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Add alias `stashes`
2018-10-13 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Disable incremental searching
2018-10-01 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: source $VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim and reset ...
2018-10-01 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Exit vim if the only window is option window
2018-09-15 Oleg Broytman.vim/after/indent/(x|ht)ml.vim: Don't re-indent lines...
2018-09-03 Oleg Broytman.vim/python/ Fix "bare exec" in Python 2
2018-08-29 Oleg Broytman.vim/rc: Adapt python code to both python and python3
2018-08-21 Oleg Broytman.screenrc: Add flags (`%f`) to hardstatus
2018-08-08 Oleg Identify image properties using `xli -identify`
2018-08-08 Oleg Change gvim hotkey
2018-07-24 Oleg Broytman.screenrc: Update from Debian system /etc/screenrc
2018-07-15 Oleg Broytmanxinitrc: On an unknown host just start X without adding...
2018-07-14 Oleg Broytman.fvwmrc: Open mpv a bit to the left to allow bigger...
2018-06-29 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Extend listchars
2018-06-26 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: `exec git` to avoid an excessive `fork`
2018-05-26 Oleg Edit the file in gvim
2018-05-25 Oleg BroytmanUpgrade: ->
2018-05-05 Oleg Broytmanbin/: Upgrade debian to D9 "stretch"
2018-05-05 Oleg Broytmanbin/: Remove outdated PTL-related scripts
2018-05-04 Oleg Use djview to view djvu
2018-05-04 Oleg Upgrade debian to D9 "stretch"
2018-05-04 Oleg Broytman.mailcap: Give djview higher priority
2018-04-29 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Add alias `dh` to run diff-highlight
2018-04-24 Oleg Broytman.fvwm/main.m4: Reorder menu items
2018-04-20 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Run `chmod` silently
2018-04-20 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Don't use `execute` for fixed autocommands
2018-04-19 Oleg Broytman.gitconfig: Allow force-push to local repositories
2018-04-09 Oleg BroytmanFix(.shellrc): Fix directory name: bash_completion...
2018-04-06 Oleg Broytman.fvwm/main.m4: Remove extra ruler line in menu
2018-04-05 Oleg Broytman.fvwm/main.m4: Remove MyRuLib
2018-04-03 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Remove .Xauthority on exit from X
2018-04-03 Oleg Broytman.xinitrc: Add X authorization for all host names
2018-03-29 Oleg Refactor loop over term types
2018-03-28 Oleg Broytman.shellrc: Refactor `has_completion`
2018-03-26 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Optimize SetExecutableBit: fname is no longer...
2018-03-26 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Fix checktime/FileChangedShell
2018-03-26 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Rename Xbit to ToggleXbit
2018-03-26 Oleg Broytman.vimrc: Check chmod just once