Tests(tox): Run generic tests under w32
[sqlconvert.git] / tests /
2020-02-27 Oleg BroytmanFix: Adapt to newer `sqlparse`
2017-11-04 Oleg BroytmanFeat(demo): Add CREATE TABLE
2017-10-26 Oleg BroytmanFeat(process_mysql): Get DML type instead of just testi...
2017-06-10 Oleg BroytmanTests: Use tox instead of tests/Makefile
2017-03-19 Oleg BroytmanTest mysql2sql with tox
2017-03-19 Oleg BroytmanSeparate split INSERTs with newlines
2017-03-18 Oleg BroytmanSplit extended INSERTs
2017-03-12 Oleg BroytmanImplement is_insert()
2016-10-01 Oleg BroytmanAdd a test for is_newline_statement()
2016-10-01 Oleg BroytmanSplit test_process_tokens.py -> test_process_mysql.py
2016-09-30 Oleg BroytmanTest print_tokens() with encoding
2016-09-28 Oleg BroytmanMake process_statement() a generator
2016-09-26 Oleg BroytmanAdd a test for print_tokens()
2016-09-26 Oleg BroytmanRename test_tokens.py -> test_process_tokens.py
2016-09-25 Oleg BroytmanAdd tests for SQLite
2016-09-25 Oleg BroytmanUse SQLObject for string quoting
2016-09-25 Oleg BroytmanUnescape all known escapes
2016-09-25 Oleg BroytmanGlobally skip a module that requires Postgres connection
2016-09-25 Oleg BroytmanExclude tests/conftest.py from flake8 tests with directive
2016-09-24 Oleg BroytmanAdd a test for unescaped strings for Postgres
2016-09-17 Oleg BroytmanAdd test for converting \' to ''
2016-09-17 Oleg BroytmanRemove classes from tests
2016-09-17 Oleg BroytmanRemove mysql-specific requote_names from StatementGroup...
2016-09-11 Oleg BroytmanUse pytest for testing
2016-09-10 Oleg BroytmanUnescape strings
2016-09-10 Oleg BroytmanRename remove_directives -> remove_directive_tokens
2016-09-07 Oleg BroytmanSkip semicolons and newlines /*! directives */;
2016-09-04 Oleg BroytmanAdd MySQL-specific remove_directives() and process_stat... 0.0.4
2016-09-04 Oleg BroytmanMove requote_names from process_tokens.py to process_my...
2016-09-04 Oleg BroytmanRename mysql2sql -> sqlconvert
2016-09-03 Oleg BroytmanFix flake8 warning
2016-09-03 Oleg BroytmanFix unicode test for Py3
2016-09-02 Oleg BroytmanUse encoding (default is utf-8) and unicode
2016-08-26 Oleg BroytmanCollect lines and reparse until the last statement...
2016-08-24 Oleg BroytmanProcess input stream line by line
2016-08-24 Oleg BroytmanSimplify test: use 'for' loop to loop over generator
2016-08-24 Oleg BroytmanAllow whitespaces and comments after the last statement
2016-08-21 Oleg BroytmanGroup statements separated by semicolons
2016-08-14 Oleg BroytmanSimplify get_tokens_str; rename get_tokens_str -> tlist2str
2016-08-11 Oleg BroytmanFix the test
2016-07-28 Oleg BroytmanUse except SystemExit as msg for Python 3 compatibility
2016-07-25 Oleg BroytmanUse print function for Python 3 compatibility
2016-07-23 Oleg BroytmanAdd the first test
2016-07-22 Oleg BroytmanInitial commit - created the project