2015-01-05 Oleg BroytmanMore detailed explanation
2014-07-18 Oleg BroytmanFix URL
2014-07-18 Oleg BroytmanAdd ChangeLogs
2014-07-17 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.1.1: fix a bug in removing excessive namespac...
2014-06-10 Oleg BroytmanAdd TODO
2014-05-20 Oleg BroytmanAllow the script to be run only in the origin directory
2014-05-19 Oleg BroytmanAdd update script
2014-04-30 Oleg BroytmanAdd obexftp-ChangeLog
2014-03-31 Oleg BroytmanУдалить лишний 'for'
2014-02-09 Oleg BroytmanAdd a link to my mc.ext.html
2014-01-24 Oleg BroytmanMinor formatting enhancement
2013-12-24 Oleg BroytmanDo not include .git* files on export
2013-12-24 Oleg BroytmanReplace ~ -> $HOME
2013-12-01 Oleg BroytmanAdd an html fragment for gitweb
2013-11-26 Oleg BroytmanRemove an unimportant announcement
2013-11-26 Oleg BroytmanXML VFS version 1.1.0: show comment(s) before the root...
2013-11-25 Oleg BroytmanChange URLs to Russian pages
2013-11-25 Oleg BroytmanAdd Russian announces
2013-11-25 Oleg BroytmanAdd download URLs
2013-11-25 Oleg BroytmanMore specific home URLs
2013-11-25 Oleg BroytmanAdd description
2013-11-25 Oleg BroytmanExtend installation instructions
2013-11-24 Oleg BroytmanMinor documentation correction
2013-11-24 Oleg BroytmanRemove double "the"
2013-11-24 Oleg BroytmanOption use_file_to_guess_type is in section [Midnight...
2013-11-24 Oleg BroytmanExtended regular expression
2013-11-24 Oleg BroytmanAdd INSTALL howto
2013-11-23 Oleg Broytmanxml vfs 1.0.1 - fix a few minor bugs
2013-11-23 Oleg BroytmanDocument namespaces
2013-11-23 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.0.0
2013-11-23 Oleg BroytmanPublish via git/gitweb
2013-11-22 Oleg BroytmanAdd eff_bdecode.py
2013-11-22 Oleg BroytmanIgnore *.py[co]
2013-11-22 Oleg BroytmanShow only child namespaces
2013-11-21 Oleg BroytmanMove getroot()
2013-11-21 Oleg BroytmanMinor refactoring
2013-11-21 Oleg BroytmanRefactor attrs2text() to be completely generic
2013-11-21 Oleg BroytmanRefactor _list() to be completely generic
2013-11-20 Oleg BroytmanFix bugs and some warnings by flake8
2013-11-20 Oleg BroytmanFix a bug in handling comments
2013-11-19 Oleg BroytmanMinor additions and corrections
2013-11-19 Oleg Broytmanlxml.etree-based implementation shows namespaces
2013-11-19 Oleg BroytmanAdd lxml.etree-based implementation
2013-11-19 Oleg BroytmanAdd ElementTree-based implementation
2013-11-19 Oleg BroytmanMiniDOM XmlVfs class
2013-11-18 Oleg BroytmanRefactor collection of text and comments nodes
2013-11-18 Oleg BroytmanFix a bug in directories permissions
2013-11-18 Oleg BroytmanRename xml -> xml-minidom, create symlink xml
2013-11-16 Oleg Broytman$HOME/[.local/share/].mc/extfs.d
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanAdd a paragraph why it's useful
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanAdd xml-ANNOUNCE
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanChange URL for Midnight Commander
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanReleased at 2013-11-16
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanCollect text and comments
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanIn MC 4.7+ the format of the cd command was changed
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanXML VFS 0.2 - show attributes as a text file
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanXML VFS version 0.1 - show tags as directories
2013-11-16 Oleg BroytmanGet charset from environment
2013-11-11 Oleg BroytmanOpenOBEX' site has been moved
2013-11-11 Oleg BroytmanDocumented the fact that the script can be put in ...
2013-07-19 Oleg BroytmanAdd .gitignore
2013-06-09 Oleg BroytmanShow DHT nodes if they are present
2013-06-09 Oleg BroytmanShow publisher and publisher-url if they are available
2013-06-09 Oleg BroytmanUse comment.utf-8 if available
2013-06-09 Oleg Broytmandecode_list => decode_announce_list
2013-06-09 Oleg BroytmanFixed minor bugs
2013-06-09 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.1.0 (2013-06-10)
2013-06-09 Oleg BroytmanUse name.utf-8 and path.utf-8 if they are present
2013-06-09 Oleg BroytmanUse codepage if there is one and there is no encoding
2012-11-17 Oleg Broytmanphdru.co.cc => phdru.cu.cc
2012-09-26 Oleg Broytmanphd.webhost.ru => phdru.co.cc
2012-05-01 Oleg BroytmanRemoved svn:keywords.
2012-04-15 Oleg BroytmanRemoved svn:keywords.
2012-01-04 Oleg Broytmanphd.by.ru has died.
2011-04-22 Oleg BroytmanMC 4.7+ allows VFS scripts in $HOME/.mc/extfs.d without...
2010-12-25 Oleg Broytmanphd.pp.ru => phdru.name.
2010-12-24 Oleg Broytmanphd.pp.ru => phdru.name.
2010-11-11 Oleg BroytmanDocumentation update.
2010-11-11 Oleg BroytmanRead-only filesystem.
2010-11-11 Oleg BroytmanFixed a bug.
2010-11-11 Oleg BroytmanRecode filename in a single-file torrent.
2010-11-11 Oleg BroytmanFilenames are reencoded from the metafile's encoding...
2010-11-11 Oleg BroytmanAdded metafile 'piece length'.
2010-11-11 Oleg BroytmanDocumentation update.
2010-11-11 Oleg BroytmanTorrent Virtual FileSystem for Midnight Commander.
2010-05-09 Oleg BroytmanAdded USB transport.
2009-09-27 Oleg Broytman"BroytMann" => "Broytman".
2007-06-12 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.2.4 - minor misspelling fix.
2007-01-23 Oleg BroytmanReplace phd2.chat.ru mirror with phd.webhost.ru.
2005-11-24 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.2.3.
2005-01-01 Oleg BroytmanIgnore my Siemens-S55 obexftp transport file and obexft...
2005-01-01 Oleg BroytmanGet preferred charset from the current locale and encod...
2004-10-03 Oleg BroytmanSome errors are critical errors.
2004-10-03 Oleg BroytmanVersion 1.2.1 (2004-10-03). Put error logfile in the...
2004-09-25 Oleg BroytmanFixed a major bug with blocked read from a pipe. Now...
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanAdded date.
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanCatched and logged errors and exceptions.
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanChanged alignment.
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanPython 2.3+.
2004-07-27 Oleg BroytmanImport logging requires python 2.3+.